OMELET  or  TOFU SCRAMBLE                      $8.5/$9.25  

Three Yuppie Hill eggs, or seasoned tofu with your choice of three ingredients.  Served with toast & fruit.  Egg whites also available for $.75


BREAKFAST BURRITO                            eggs $9/tofu $9.5        

Whole wheat wrap, black bean spread, avocado, peppers, onions, cheddar, and salsa. Served with rosemary potatoes or fruit. 

CROQUE MADAME   *                                              $9.5

Hot ham and swiss sandwich with béchamel sauce, melted parm, and topped with a fried egg. Served with fruit, potatoes, or a house salad.  


BREAKFAST SLIDER                                                         $6

Bacon, ham, or spinach, egg, and cheddar cheese on a bagel or croissant.


FRENCH TOAST                                                         $8.75

Thick Texas toast, orange cinnamon batter with fresh fruit, candied nuts and whipped cream.


FULL ENGLISH *                                                             $10

Sunny-side eggs, bacon, English banger, tomatoes and mushrooms, potatoes, beans, and toast.  


ALL AMERICAN BREAKFAST *                                 $8.50

Two eggs, bacon, ham, or sauteed veggies,
rosemary breakfast potatoes, and sourdough toast.

Vegan option available.                                     $9


HUEVOS RANCHEROS *   GF                                            $9

Fried corn tortillas with black bean spread, topped with sunny-side eggs, and a spicy ranchero sauce.  Served with rosemary potatoes.  
Vegan option available                                   $9.5


ULTIMATE BREAKFAST SANDWICH *                          $9

Bacon, ham, or  spin, caramelized onions, fried eggs,
cheddar, avocado, olive tapanade, and sriracha mayo on toasted  sourdough. Served with fruit.


THE HOT MESS (Fri - Sun only) *  GF                       $9.5

Rosemary Potatoes, bacon or ham or veggies, sautéed peppers, caramelized onions, cheddar, grilled tomatoes, sunny-side eggs & hollandaise.


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